A Canon Speedlite EL-10 is coming in 2021 [CR2]

Thanks — on camera I never need a lot of light, which is why we use ex430RT's. The perfect little flash that is an excellent RT transmitter for stand mounted ex600RT's. The only time we used on-camera flash is for casual wedding guest requested grip-n-grins ("hey, can you take my picture?") and a little flash in fine for that. Actually, it's preferred as it doesn't scare guests like a big speedlight would.

I'm not shocked or put off by the cost of Canon flashes. We own 11 of them :)

Since the topic has been floated, I would LOVE a higher-quality rechargeable-battery version of the 430RT. I'm ok if it weighs a little more, but keeps a compact form factor.

As you were.

The problem with the flash is that there are no freebies. If you want a lot of light it won't be small, and a lot of the rest of it is trading generic dime a dozen batteries for expensive proprietary lithium rechargeables.

Canon flashes have always been expensive relative to after market so I don't think any of us should be shocked. However, as many have said, there are good (great) alternatives running the entire price spectrum which we may avail ourselves of, and for that matter there's nothing wrong with buying a cheap used flash.

Regaddjng Yongnuo flashes, they are great knockoffs and I purchased more than my fair share (at least 5). However, they are definitely a cheaper quality, the battery door is crappy, and thry are less durable. I think the Godox / Flashpoint is a better product, but it is not a true knockoff (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

The godox remote transmitter is fantastic.


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Jan 29, 2011
With Einsteins, what do you do when you need high speed sync? Love my White Lightning Ultra 1800s, but the Godox AD-600 with HSS led me to put the Ultras on the shelf. The Ultras were pretty revolutionary when they were introduced. The Cyber Commander was a valuable upgrade, but once you get a taste of HSS it is hard to go back.
ND filters or aperture. Mind you I am never trying to shoot wide aperture strong ambient flash images so maybe my use case is atypical. Having said that HSS and Hypersync both cost/lose so much power they are of little interest to me.

There is no magic bullet for flash at this point in time, high output + fast duration = very high cost.
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