A new Canon professional camcorder appears for certification

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    A professional Canon camcorder has appeared for certification. This unreleased camcorder is likely what I reported on back in July. This camcorder will sit below the Canon XF705 and will be announced later this month.
    Back in March, I reported this camera name as the Canon XF505. The naming may have been a guess, but there will be only one camera between the XF405 and XF705 for now. Nokishita is naming it the Canon XF605, which would be a logical name for the new camcorder.
    Canon XF605 Specifications

    4K 1″ Sensor
    15x zoom
    Dual SD cards
    Full-sized HDMI ports
    Similar codecs as the Canon Cinema EOS C70
    BP-A batteries


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