A New PowerShot Camera Registered With FCC

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    <p>It looks like a new PowerShot camera has been registered with the necessary agencies, including the FCC. <a href="http://www.nokishita-camera.com/2018/04/powershot-sx730-hs.html">Nokishita thinks</a> it’s a replacement for the PowerShot SX730 HS. The current camera was announced in April of 2017, so I don’t think a replacement is imminent.</p>
    <p><strong>PC 2352</strong></p>
    <li>FCC ID: AZD 600</li>
    <li>Compact digital camera</li>
    <li>Made in Japan</li>
    <li>Tilting LCD</li>
    <li>Size: 110.1 x 63.8 x 39.9 mm (when storing the lens)</li>
    <li>Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed</li>
    <span id="pty_trigger"></span>
    I own the SX730HS, and although low light performance is nothing to write home about it's a very capable camera. I bought it right when it came out last year, strictly for vlogging. The zoom is awesome, especially paired with the solid IS made for some really steady video. If you vlog, the flip up screen is a bonus. I have a review up of it on youtube (my most successful video to date lol.) Here.

    The only reason it would need an upgrade would be on the sensor. Lowe light gets very grainy. But I always compare it to my 70D for video, and that's just not fair on it lol.
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    Mar 25, 2011
    After looking on Google Shopping, I ordered from what I believed to be a reputable electronics seller - Abes of Maine. They had it all, 5 star ratings from pricegrabber, resellerratings.com, an A+ from the BBB, even my mom had heard of them (who knows nothing about cameras). So I placed my order from them, only to call them Monday when I still hadn't been charged. Apparently, I had accidentally ordered a gray-market camera from them, which I thought was no big deal, since even Adorama/etc sell them. So I asked for the USA model and paid the upsell, thinking I was okay. I received my order today from them. The camera did not come with a warranty card however, and that concerned me. I called Abes back, and after fighting with the salesman for quite a while, he told me that if it registered on the site, I'd be fine and it was an official USA model. They wouldn't accept a return without a 10% restocking fee (even though I hadn't opened any bags, etc) and I'd have to pay for shipping. As a high school student, returning it means I won't be able to Nox Vidmate VLC purchase a new camera.
    You need to be more observant.

    1. Abes of Maine is not a authorized Canon DSLR reseller. An authorized Canon reseller is not allowed to sell gray market cameras, Canon won't allow it. You have no Canon Warranty, the camera was not sold to them by Canon, they bought it from someone else, which is why no Warranty Card and No Canon Warranty. Technically, in Canon's eyes, its used. They have long been a place to stay away from. The good news is that Canon usually honors warranties as long as you have the sales receipt, but they may stop any time.

    2. Also observe that you are replying to a 3 year old post.

    Below is a link to dealers that are authorized by Canon.

    I'd file a complaint with the state attorney general, if you were told they were a authorized reseller or that it was new.

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    Jul 20, 2010
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    Adding to @Mt Spokane Photography 's comments: This is a post from eight years ago on Canon Price Watch, that explains in more details about Abe's of Maine. Information may not be current, but it sounds like from your experience, things haven't changed much.

    There is nothing anyone on this site can do except offer our condolences. I am wondering what research you did, since a Google search on Abe's comes up with the above article and several other posts on forums that recount less than ideal experiences.

    On the plus side it sounds like you received the camera you ordered, although it's a grey market model (not imported by Canon USA and not eligible for Canon warranty). As Mt Spokane said, Canon often honors the warranty on grey scale items, they just reserve the right not too. With any luck, you won't need to have it serviced anyway. There is nothing wrong with grey market models, they just are not intended for import to the U.S.

    Enjoy the camera and consider this a learning experience. If you are in high school, you will have a lot more learning experiences ahead of you.
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