A second camera will be announced with the EOS R50 in Q1 2023


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Feb 26, 2014
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Here it is to hoping for the 2nd lens to be the nearly mythical RF 35mm f/1.2L
Another pre-order on announcement day for me :)

For the mystery camera, if it will be a FF one such as a R5s or R5 mkII with better AF and more pixels, I would be interested
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Could it be an R or R5 ii with BSI and improved autofocus?

If R - IBIS? And maybe the video won’t be nerfed quite as bad as the first one? I would imagine it’ll have the scroll wheel joystick config of the R7 instead of the Touch Bar.

If R5 - Add eye control AF? And maybe no record limit on certain video formats, and a slight MP increase? With BSI and faster readout maybe the rolling shutter issues get ironed out and it becomes a more useful all arounder?
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I'm pretty curious as to how Canon will handle the movement from the R/RP to whatever comes next. I mean, I always thought of those bodies as a stopgap in the rollout of the RF mount, but they certainly seemed to show that there is a market for full frame bodies below the R6II. I just can't help but wonder if Canon will replace them or expect more budget conscious buyers to stick to cropped sensor RF bodies. Or even just keep producing the RP and R. But what do I know - I was the guy waiting for a 5DSRII.
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It looks like Canon is going to make a big splash in Q1 of 2023. We’re not sure if the announcements are coming before the CP+ show in Japan in late February, but that would be a logical time to make announcements. We have been told that along with the Canon EOS R50 and a

See full article...
Any idea when there might be some more Cinema camera news/rumors? Been mighty quiet for a while now.....Thanks!
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I´m hoping for a R successor which I would name R8. I predicted an R6 mkii very early (some people in this forum made a lot jokes about that prediction :) ) and I stated it would make sense in order to further differentiate it from an R8/ R successor without cutting in R6 sales. Now, that is has actually happened, I hope for this camera. Since the R is now over four years and admittedly has had some flaws from the very beginning, the time might have come. If it had:

- 30mp (or 32-34)
- 10 FPS mechanical & 18 electronically
- some kind of joystick
- improved AF (of course)

I´d preorder it asap. I don\'t exactly know how the video specs would have to turn out in order of \"market segmentation\" compared to the R6mkii, but I actually don\'t care because I don\'t shoot a lot of video and any form of 4k is already overkill for me.
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