Adobe software: you don't own it

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This applies to subscribers of Adobe Cloud, which I have never been and never would be. This article give even more proof of why that's a waste of money for those of us who are enthusiast or semi-professional photographers. (I suppose it may make sense if you are a full time professional photographer or graphic artist). I am very happy with my (purchased on CD) copy of Photoshop Elements 12. If I ever do need something newer I will buy software from a different company that is sold outright and not leased month-to-month.


Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
Oh for God's sake, there is already another thread on this topic. The warning from Adobe results from a lawsuit between them and Dolby over the use of Dolby technology and they are just cautioning users you can be pulled into the lawsuit as a third party if you use old Adobe software that uses the disputed Dolby feature/code. Yes, Adobe is covering their butts in case they lose the lawsuit, by showing a good faith effort to stop customers from using the disputed software. But, they are also protecting their customers from potential nuisance suits from third parties.
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