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  • Jul 20, 2010
    Need Cash?
    Trade-in your used equipment and get up to 70% cash or credit of the resale value of your gear!
    Adorama buys all types of photography and video equipment, computers, audio gear, and musical instruments, optics, drones, and much more! Adorama will even accept older models, as well as newer generations, and everything in between.
    Adorama is currently offering $20 in rewards points for any lens with a value over $500.
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    EOS M6 Mark II
    Nov 8, 2017
    Please *never* send your used gear to Adorama! These guys are absolute crooks. They legitimately trashed my $15k cinema camera during their trade-in “evaluation” then refused to admit that it had been dropped on the ground by their people; it was cracked in multiple places and wouldn’t turn on. And yes, it was shipped in a Pelican case that was undamaged.

    I had to make an insurance claim, as Adorama refused to step up.

    Absolute criminals that cannot be trusted. You should never ever do business with them.
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    Hate to jump on the bandwagon but Adorama is disreputable lying thieves. They shamelessly lied about the condition and value of gear to an unsuspecting charity. i understand the need for a profit and despite their bs claims of 70% of resale value expect and accept an average of 50%. But when a charity gets gear donated and needs cash quick giving the 7%. Yes 7% of the resale value (that they then resold it for) is bs! On 2 L series push pull lenses they claimed they were broken by showing how ‘stuck’ they were when sliding in and out, despite their being a locking ring that they clearly didn’t unlock. When you exploit a charity for helping kids and then list the gear you told the, was junk as ‘like new excellent’ then you are disreput thieves who I encourage everyone to avoid at all costs!
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    Del Paso

    M3 Singlestroke
    CR Pro
    Aug 9, 2018
    I usually sell my used gear through MPB (England).
    Never had the slightest reason to complain, they pay a honest price, pay quickly and resell without an exaggerated profit.
    Their description of the used gear they sell is absolutely reliable, mint condition really means mint.
    But thanks for the Adorama warnings: next time I'm in the USA, I'll definitely shop elsewhere !
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    EOS RP
    CR Pro
    Dec 2, 2016
    Good to know I am not alone on this with Adorama. Eithe in 2016 or 2017 I took 3 different lenses including a EF 100-400 V1 and a Sigma 28-300 and one more Canon lens (I do not remember what it was) to their store in NYC. The guy who looked at it started inventing problems with the lensees infront of me and offered me 40% of what they are worth if I sell them in CL or FredMiranda. I said no thank you and walked away. Ever since I also reduced the amount of business I do with Adorama.
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