Advice for upgrading from XTi

Need advice. Looking to upgrade my Rebel XTi. Mainly using camera for taking photos of outdoor motocross racing (dirt bikes) and travel landscapes. Looking to upgrade for faster sports mode, Bluetooth/wireless transfer of photos, video capabilities and all around a better camera as I know technology has advanced since 2006.

I’ve been debating between the T8i and the 90d. Any suggestions?

Also, thinking of purchasing body only and then buying a new lens to add to what I already own. Although not sure if my existing lenses are out of date.
  • EF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 IS USM
  • EFS 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 II
Is there a better lens I should add right away?

I’ve read a lot reviews and comparisons and watched endless videos but I’m still confused.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.