Advice needed Canon Video camera.


1DX & 5DSR Canon glass
May 3, 2015
Hello all,

Been thinking of treading into new territory and buying a good quality video camera. To date i'm shooting stills with 1DX2 and having great results but its not a fast paced video camera for capturing BIF. Strictly personal use and 95% for wildlife. I'd prefer if i could use my collection of L series lens's but my main preference is to capture birds in flight. A slow motion record feature would be desired slower than 250 fps. I specialize in photographing raptors in flight but it would be used all wildlife video applications. Am I looking for a ghost ...does such a beast exist ?

To be honest I'm overwhelmed by the selection of 4K video cameras and would appreciate some advice.
This is before we talk about post editing equipment needs. ;o(