Any active G16 users here??

I picked up a perfect G16 a few years ago for…£60!! It was supposed to be a holiday camera but my Lumix TZ70 won in the end so the G16 has pretty much laid dormant
However we’ve just booked another holiday (Portugal) in July.
As much as I’d love to take a “proper” camera I know it would be a massive inconvenience and most likely despite good intentions would remain in the hotel room.

So, my 3 choices are:


Lumix TZ70

M50 18-150


My guilty pleasure my beloved 6D/40 stm!!

I’m constantly trying to figure what’s the most practical and will grab those family candids and possibly tourist shots

Any advice??
I had a G16 for a while @Doormat , very good little camera within the limits of the small sensor. I seem to remember that it uses a Sony sensor and Canon’s implementation of it resulted in the G16 having the highest “IQ” of those small sensor ‘pocket’ cameras, according to various reviews. Between that and the Lumix I guess it’s down to which one you like using the most.
Today though I find the G1Xiii to be superb little camera.
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Hey cheers for the reply Sporgon
Tbh I’ve never really used it, always dismissed it as a point and shoot and not worthy of carrying thus opting for the more serious stuff….AKA aps-c/ff DSLR’s!!

However I took another look at it recently and WOW!! totally surprised me. I’m actually using it like a 80’s film compact with the rear lcd switched off and opting for the very (very) basic OVF to compose…all I have is a green light to say the camera has focused on something ;) just like the 80’s!!
I quite like not knowing what I’m getting tbh and being pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Yes, some shots are totally off the mark, but by and large the little G16 is great.
For some reason I’ve become jaded recently by the whole “everything must be perfect” photography mindset - I’m liking this mystery carefree approach….particularly shooting from the hip at 28mm
I’ve got some fabulous candids of friends and family that I otherwise would never get.
I might just take this on holiday and leave to chance what the G16 captures.
The upside is that the battery seems to last forever without the rear screen on.
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