Any way to re-map aperture control in aperture priority mode?

Nov 12, 2016
Most of the time I shoot in manual mode, but often, especially in a situation with a good amount of light, I change over to aperture priority, and let the camera figure out the best shutter speed. However, I don't like that aperture priority mode changes the aperture control from being on the back dial of the camera to the wheel on the top. It's confusing to have the aperture be controlled by different dials depending on the mode. Is there a way to re-map the rear dial to be the aperture in Av? Looks like all of the custom controls only affect what these dials do in M mode. I guess I could map it so that the wheel on the top is always aperture, but I like having that one be shutter speed whenever I am in manual. This is on a 5D4 by the way. Thanks.