Anyone with Cambo Actus experience with Canon (EF or RF) turning your camera into a view camera?


CR Pro
Mar 28, 2012
Ok this system costs WAY too much money, but wow...this looks interesting.

The thought of using this for super macro or using my camera(s) as a view camera with all the movements a large format camera has really set my GAS meter off.

I would have to think that using large format lenses would easily resolve the canon and other camera bodies I have.

Here's a video (unfortunately not many images on it, but show the system) of the CA using Canon: (the second video show better actual action of the unit)

Cambo Actus-G & Canon EOS R + EOS R VS GFX50s

This is it more in action, but with a non-canon body, but the movements and shifting look VERY interesting to me:

Cambo Actus and Fuji GFX50s Review

But geez, this thing costs as much as a really nice new digital camera itself....

I've been trying to figure out a better cost effective way of doing this.

I thought perhaps I could get an Intrepid 4x5 camera, about $320 or so US....get some sort of EF to 4x5 graflex adapter (I think I've seen fotodiox sell these?)....and I could do something like this for about $500-$600....but the movements aren't as precise and easy to control...

Ugh, this thing would be about $4K for me to get fully set up....but I could then shoot it with my 5d3 and my Leica m10m and gfx100....

Anyway..had anyone used anything like this?

I have to think using your digital back like a view camera with all the movements, and extreme macro you could squeeze out of it and using a huge number of lenses out there, not terribly expensive could really give a lot of creative possibilities.

Thoughts? Links? Advice? Experience?

Thank you in advance, thought this an interesting topic...especially with the new Canons coming out with larger MP sensors.

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