Anything shot with the EOS 80D


EOS 5D Mark IV
Aug 8, 2011
I continue to like this purchase. Nice details and file latitude.

Here is a shot of the Costa Rican Ahinga of the Arsenal region. Aka Snake-Bird along the Rio Frigo

Shot from a Moving boat as the Bird groomed itself along the shore Foliage. 1/250th F/5, iso800 on a Canon 80D mounted with the 100-400mm mk.II @ 241mm



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Dec 20, 2012
K-amps, THANK YOU for starting this thread and posting some excellent sample shots for us.

I have the 100-400mm II and a 5D3, don't like using the combo with a 1.4x III, and have been looking at a cropped body.

With baby #2 on the way (any moment!), I have an excuse to hold off and hope for a price drop within six months...But I'm seeing the 80D as a more flexible body than the 7DII, as I really never need the higher frame rate.


EOS M6 Mark II
Mar 12, 2015
Some great photos, my favourites are the frogs and the fly. Between the frogs here are my thoughts, while the red eye frog is the more compelling of the subjects I like the green one better due to the lighting and composition. While I aspire to the skill of the form members I will post a few of my early favourites:

Picture 1 (Standing Pose) iso100 f5 1/640 EF-S 18-135 IS STM:
A challenging mid day full sun shot that I think worked out well.

Picture 2 (Splashdown) iso1600 f2.8 1/320 EF100L IS Macro
This photos was very challenging for exposure. It was indoors and quite dark with a dark slide background requiring positive exposure compensation. But as they hit the water they would come into a sun beam from the window that would catch the water that was very white and would require negative EC. All of this meant I was shooting wide open to get the shutter speed up and having to pre decide what part of the burst I wanted to keep. So a good test of the wonderful focus tracking system. While I had a lot of misses with focuses on smashing water. I am quite happy with this shot.

Picture 3 (Flower) iso200 f3.5 1/1000 EF100L IS Macro
Just a flower macro that I found had some visual interest.

Hope you enjoy