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Jul 20, 2010
5DayDeal has launched its ever-popular Video Creators Bundle for 2020!
Even if you are the best DP in the world, no one will care to watch if the story sucks. The Video Creators Bundle has a full course to teach you screenwriting, story development, and pitching.
It normally costs $200, but it’s included in the bundle, along with many, MANY other resources (worth over $2800) for just $89! Learn more now!
Serge Ramelli has a following of over 700K on YouTube and the top Lightroom Channel in the world. He is revealing all his secrets to growing a channel in his contribution to The Video Creators Bundle. Get it and over a dozen other resources for just $89! Learn more now!

If you are a photographer exploring the world of video, you have got to check out the course Fstoppers included in this year’s Video Creators Bundle! You’ll learn everything from...

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Serge Ramelli is a passionate guy with great presentation skills; I'm not a big fan of him as a photographer. If you look his 500px profile up, you'll find a number of grungy cityscape photos and a number of average landscapes with heavily (yes, heavily) tilted horizon and sensor dust spots. This guy teach postprocessing and doesn't know how to remove the dust spots and level the horizon up. Compositionally, most of his photos are mediocre at best. If you do a blind review, you'd never tell these photos belong to a guy with 700k subscribers.
However in this bundle his tutorial is about growing the youtube channel, I think he understands how to gain popularity.
I don't find anything interesting for me in this bundle, but there may be some interesting stuff for someone. Just be aware, these days there's lots of free educational stuff on Youtube, you just need to carefully filter out the rubbish content.
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