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The dark side - I've been there
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Nov 7, 2013

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Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
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I feel like these could have been better, but I'm not sure how. Any tips?
Some nice shots, certainly. As for tips, my experience trying to shoot fall pictures is that they can be lovely but sort of pointless. You avoid that, but some of them could perhaps be stronger in terms of composition. After shooting a bunch of fall pictures, I find I like about 1 in 10. I usually get a much higher hit rate with other subjects. And then I have some pictures that I doubt anyone else will like. They are certainly not conventional, but they convey what I saw and what I liked about what I saw. Maybe they are “You had to be there” pictures.

Maybe my tip then is to shoot a lot more, refining each time or looking at different aspects of what you like about a scene. Then when you are done, the best of breed will likely please you even more. My 2¢.
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