Best field monitor & stabiliser for Canon R5


Jan 16, 2013
HI, does anyone have experience with Video rigs for the R5?
I'm a photographer that is shooting more video / motion these days. Generally its shorter 20 second clips for fashion , lifestyle and product , rather than longer interview type work.

I'm looking to get a camera monitor and a stabiliser gimbal . If anyone can advise.
and obviously trying to find the best budget / ease of use & quality combo.

Are the amazon Freeworld , Newer monitors ones any good - or should I just go the Atmos Ninja V route and record to external SSD. or Shonobi and record to internal card.

And Gimbals

Which would be better for R5 with 24-105 L and EF sigma art Primes (35 art, 50 art, 85L)
Zhiyun Weebil or Crane 2 ?

Is it good to get additional baseplates to balance / set up for each lens too?