Better tutorials, are there any?


Sep 17, 2012
Just added a 6D to my 7D (both M ii's) and followed some recommendations to look for tutorials on YouTube to figure out some of the different features on my new camera. Nearly every one assumed that this was my first camera ever. So are there videos out there that assume I know that Tv affects my DOF and shutter speed lets me freeze motion and goes directly to things that will be more useful to a non-beginner? I swear, one more mention of "this is the shutter button" and I will not be responsible for my reaction.


Somewhere skipping rocks and taking photos
Apr 20, 2017
LOL on the shutter button thing. has some good tutorials on the 5DM2, not sure about the 6D, but it is a pay site (but they do have a free one-month trial which may be all you need). I'm affiliated with a college so get it free, and some libraries offer it free if you have a library membership. In any case, it has lots of other good photography classes that have really helped me.