Billy the Clown (Short film shot on C100 and Tamron 45mm VC)


Aug 24, 2012
Hey guys!
Recently made this short film for halloween but could not edit it on time due to other commitments :/ but hey, better late than never!

It was my first time shooting on a Canon C100 (prev. used 5D Mark ii), and my god, it's sharp. So sharp paired with the Tamron 45mm VC. And the dynamic range, low light (most shots are at ISO 1600), just.. Amazing. Have a look for yourself! The one thing that wasn't so nice was the crop factor - got too used to the full frame!


The short film looks at the life of an everyday creepy/killer clown. With all the clown sightings recently, I wanted to explore the other side of the story and just how ridiculous it is for one to go through all the trouble and wait such a long time, just for a scare/laugh. Ridiculous. Also wanted to explore what makes one person hang onto something and the growth/letting go of someone/something... You'll see.

Love to know what you think guys! Check out the Behind the Scenes too if you wanna see how it was made :)