Bird Photography in and around Miami


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May 25, 2021
HI all,

Hope you're all doing well
First time I create a thread here so hopefully I'm abiding by the rules and not posting in the wrong space but if any admin deems moving it to a different subform appropriate please do! (also if you think it might get more attention elsewhere, though I might be asking you to do what I should have done in the first place :LOL:)

I know there are many of you reading and writing from the US of A plus many others that have travelled the world so, thought this is a good place to start my research/planning.

I'll be travelling to Miami this coming April for two weeks.
It's is a family holiday/family visit so not a photography dedicated trip, although it should play a good part in it.
I was wondering if anyone here knows of good places in and around south Miami to photograph birds, but with some level of family friendliness to them?
Also, best species to aim for since I don't want to get my hopes up for very tricky stuff but rather look for your more common birds that for me will be very exotic anyway.
I know I can JFGI and I indeed have, but I always like some first hand experience and local knowledge since that's provided some absolute gems in the past when travelling.

I'd love to photograph a cardinal, which I guess for most of you might be like robins are for us here in the UK but something about them has me quite obsessed. :LOL:

Anyway, any help will be highly appreciated



Aug 27, 2016
This might not be too helpful, but walking around some neighborhoods around Miami, I did see some small random tropical birds wandering about getting into mischief ( I think they were trying to get into a vent to burglarize a house).

Otherwise, I don't think you will find any robins that far south in the US, or nuthatches or robins for that matter. I live in Atlanta Georgia and see them mostly in the fall/winter/spring months along with the assortment of sparrows and tits. Grey mocking birds are likely in Florida.

Near water in quieter places you are likely to see herons and various other large tropical or swamp birds which are rather unusual.

Safe travels!
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