Black Friday Sales 2020


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Jan 5, 2013
While there have been some good Black Fri promos on gear accessories, I have been a little surprised that pricing, especially on DSLR's, has been less than lackluster, with a few exceptions. I pretty much thought I would see some aggressive DSLR body dumping going on this season, given the current mirrorless push. For example, during 2018 Black Fri, I was able to pick up a Canon 6D mark ii body, including a free battery grip and 13mos of Canon Care pkg. + a free battery for the very low price of $1099. This yr. that same body is $1299 with only a free third party battery, an sd card and camera bag thrown in but no included battery grip. Not much to get excited about there. This is not a complaint but just an observation of current sales promos from some of the big photo stores. I was able to find some bargains on flashes, tripods, backpacks, filter kits, sd cards and other accessories that I quickly snagged but was expecting more aggressive promos on DSLR bodies. I did not expect any great deals on Mirrorless bodies or lenses, so any price drop there was greatly appreciated. Maybe, we'll see better deals offered as the X'mas selling season approaches. Just wondering if any of my fellow CR members found some deals out there, to shout about??


Jul 20, 2010
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No surprise really. Neither manufacturers nor dealers have much stock to reduce.

DSLR sales are declining, but that has been predicted, so manufacturers and dealers have probably already adjusted accordingly. It appears the 5DIV and 6DII will be the current models for the foreseeable future, so no pressure to reduce stock there. There are seldom huge bargains at the high end anyway and there have been some good deals on the R and RP over at Canon Price Watch. I also saw a modest price drop on the 90D. I don't pay attention to the Rebels, but it looks like the major retailers like Best Buy have had fairly typical sales on both Nikon and Canon consumer DSLRs.


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Sep 3, 2019
I'm about to make a major purchase on hard drives for my NAS, since they're finally below $25 a terabyte (at B&H). I just have to decide how much of an upgrade I want to make. Moving up from 4TB to 6TB disks in my RaidZ2 is cheap because I already have half of the 6TBs I'd need. Anything larger I have to buy six of them not just three. And of course I'm actually nowhere near to running out of space as it is.


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Jul 16, 2020
One thing I noticed is that the deals popped much earlier leaving BF as a meh IMO. I splurged a little this year, but general thought was... if I didn't need/want something specifically, I didn't go looking for 'stuff'. Got sucked into those 'ohh that would be cool' items in the past.

However, I picked up a few of these for $140.35 each Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X R2 TTL On-Camera Round Flash Speedlight For Canon (V1) FP-ZL-X-C ( ... (sale is still going on). I was in the market for something like these because they work with my AD200 & AD600's as a master or slave. And I really wanted to replace my old Cannon Speedlight that has no built in radio.
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