Build quality issues with Lexar SD cards?

Nov 12, 2016
I got a Lexar Professional 64GB SD card when the EOS R came out so I could take advantage of its fast transfer speeds. I'm a little weary of this card though, as I noticed a while ago that if you shake the card side to side, something is actually loose/rattling inside it. :oops:

It didn't bother me too much because the card always performed reliably. But just today I noticed that one of the little plastic dividers between the groups of pins on the bottom side of the card has come detached at the end. So basically you can just flex it back and forth. It's still attached back at the base of the pins. Luckily it hasn't broken completely off, as that would've resulted in a little tiny bit of plastic floating around inside my SD card slot.

I think these cards have a lifetime warranty, which I will definitely take advantage of. But for such an expensive card, man, they sure seem like they're built like junk. :cautious: I've never had a card physically fall apart on me like this. I have not been rough with it. It's spent 99% of its life in my camera, only coming out when I need to transfer photos to my computer.


Apr 3, 2013
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Hi Kit Lens Jockey.
That sounds really troubling, the thought of a piece of plastic that small floating around in an electromechanical device like a camera would prevent me from putting it back in! I don’t think I have any Lexar cards but I am thinking I will check all my SD cards whatever brand just in case, I don’t imagine this could be limited to any brand of card as they should all be ‘industry standard’.
Like you my cards only come out for emptying after each use.
Thanks for making us aware of this issue.

Cheers, Graham.

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Mar 14, 2012
I'm always wary buying batteries and memory cards. If you're paying first party prices, make sure you're dealing with an authorized dealer. I wouldn't trust Amazon, they hold/mix inventory with too many 3rd party streams.


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Nov 7, 2013
+1 to contact Lexar support.

Concerning your thread title and general questions on card quality:
There will always be scattered instances on quality problems, no matter what brand you choose.

Some say brand X is cr** and choose brand Y.
Others say it directly the other way 'round.
Otheres then say that nothing exels brand Z.

I say, you'll only know how good a brand is, after you've contacted their support.

That said, I hope that your issue will be solved to your entire satisfaction within a short time.