Business Insurance recommendations? Need to insurance cameras, lenses, computers, accessories, etc...


CR Pro
Mar 28, 2012
Hello all,

Way back around 2012 (has it been THAT long already?)...I asked about insurance for my camera gear, etc....especially since it was all purchased through my company (I'm incorporated as a S-Corp).

And I looked at the thread and realized I never bought such insurance.

Since then, I've amassed a LOT more $$$ equipment, both cameras, lenses, computers...accessories, etc.

And I'd really be up the proverbial creek if I got hit by a hurricane, or fire, or theft, etc.

That thread is quite old, so figuring the landscape may have changed since then.

Can ya'll give me names of companies that are suited for this type insurance? Best companies as far as rates and service (will they pay off when something happens?)....that type thing.

I'd really appreciate real experience folks have had with their companies and if that makes you recommend them and also, those you'd recommend stay AWAY from....

Thank you in advance,