Buying advice 5d mark iv vs 1Dx (vanilla) vs 100-400 mark ii


Sep 5, 2018
I ordered the 90D and a 100MB/s SD card. It looks like a nice disposable body to get me by, though I was really wanting to hold my money off for a 1DXIII or R1/R5. The alternative that had been whispering to me was a Nikon D750 and 200-500mm.


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Jan 5, 2013
A quick update. I found another 1Dx for £2200 that has 4000 shots on the shutter. This one was the demo unit, so it is another very temping specimen. I think, unless I am very mistaken, that the vanilla and Mark ii would not far out perform my 5d Mark ii and the 7d I had before it?
Have you thought about a 5DsR? They are quite reasonable now, specially on the grey market. That would be a great compliment to 1D MKII or III. BTW, the 1D MKIII seems like a small upgrade from the 1D MKII. The MKII is probably a much better buy. 98% of the MKIII for a much smaller price. Also, a 5DsR and the 100-400L is a great combo.


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Aug 16, 2012
No 5DSR's I can have here tomorrow sadly. The 7DII is £730 and the 90D is £1100(and I can pay for it this time next year). For the 90D I also have to buy some SD cards and understand it is a good 5 years newer tech than the 7DII but also seen it a review where it missed focus... I think it'll hit focus more than my 5DII did.
Try - they have a good reputation.