Camera Rating for Members

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Nov 30, 2010
Many have asked for a explanation of the Camera listed by a members name.

It is a feature of the forum software to allow ratings as members post more. The actual numbers for a rating change from time to time, and so do the cameras.

The different ratings correspond to different membergroups.

There is another reason for them as well. Members who have a long history of posting can have additional authority assigned to them. Each member group has its own permissions as to features users are allowed to use.

For example, new members cannot have a signature. This has reduced a problem with automated robots signing up and entering spam into their signatures. Once they have reached "X" posts, they will be moved to a higher member group which allows signatures.

A new member group was recently created called "Canon AE-1" and is currently effective for members with 61 to 79 posts. Before or after that, you fall into a different member group.

All the names and number of posts change fairly often, so we do not post the information. For example, a 60D might change to a 70D once that body is in service.
Not open for further replies.