Can someone Please identify this camera


EOS M6 Mark II
Jul 19, 2011
So my girlfriend and I just finished watching the Bang Bang club which btw was amazing. really loved it. now, i actually didnt notice this, but she pointed it out and i went back and what she discovered was that there was a DSLR with an L series lens on it. The film was based off the 1994 african war, etc. and all the photographers were using SLRs obviously at those times, mostly Nikon according to the film and Leica's. And I beleive one dude had a Canon SLR. now, this screen capture i will show you is clearly a DSLR (i assume actually) with an L lens. maybe a 24-70 2.8 or the 16-35 2.8 so I want you guys to help me out on this.

Almost looks like the really round hot shoot area that you would see on a 5D. If you want a better angle of the camera, i can go back and screen cap.

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