Canon’s corporate strategy for 2024 released

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Jul 20, 2010
2024 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for the world of Canon. We expect high-end gear for both the cinema and mirrorless lines this year. We already know that the EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R1 is coming, and there will definitely be more. Reading between the lines in the presentation,

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Does it AF on RF?
Jokes apart, I've never had a 40mm lens (not counting zooms). I guess I've never seen the point given there was always a 35mm available
The Sigma 40 f1.4 Art in EF mount does AF on RF, with appropriate mount adapter, and it's the best AF std lens available for the R cameras atm :)

EDIT: a 40mm lens could be the perfect answer if someone has a dilemma between buying a 35mm that may feel a touch too wide and a 50mm that may feel a touch too narrow when deciding which is the std lens to use on a daily basis with FF
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May 30, 2017
I will never understand how a company that markets to creative professionals makes presentations that look like they were done by a 14 year old who just pirated photoshop for the first time.

"whoa, I can make words that GLOW RED"
Japanese version is better. Don't know which guy in Canon USA doing the English version. :LOL:
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