Canon announces more mind blowing specs for the Canon EOS R5


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Jan 30, 2020
I just hope that because of how awesome this is that they don't price this at like $6k... I know its a 5 series "replacement" or whatever so it should be in the $3500 range but.....
It very well could be 6k$: C200 + R5 gives you +|-everything a C300 iii can do. I understand I am exaggerating a bit but look at the numbers: 12,5k$ (Incl viewfinder)-6,5k$=...
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Feb 12, 2014
Frankfurt, Germany
My mind is already blown away by the last spec confirmations, nothing of it is left anymore. Looks like Canon gives all those Sony trolls on DPReview a rough ride now. Guess they now have to pest Nikon threads there...


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Jan 28, 2019
Like I have been saying for months..the Panasonic S1H is priced at $4K, this has better specs than the S1H, no way this will be less than $3999.00.
I think it will be less than that. As much as people cry about Canon's pricing they're almost always a bargain if we make honest comparisons to their competitors.
Olympus charges out the *** for 4/3 sensors and lenses, and Canon still beats them on price with their full frame offerings. Canon will undercut these loser companies as always. That is why Canon is #1. They have been delivering the best gear for less money and the majority of people are able to figure that out for themselves.
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Mar 5, 2020
Now we just need to know what is bigger
The price
Or the noise when lifting shadows...

Written by a Canon lover ( who also uses Nikon) that lives with a EOS R
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Feb 28, 2020
The more I've thought about it over time the more I just figure Canon would rather offer the best quality internal codec possible you can also use to grab stills from. It's not like Canon is ever going to pay Apple their fee to use ProRes internally. I dont think any such camera does. And if someone is bothering to shoot in a LOG gamma, then Canon also assumes this person is an experienced user, who knows what they are doing, and get the fact you're going to have to do some re-encoding in post (maybe) or you're probably using a Ninja or some other external ProRes and Log capable recorder. I think otherwise, the more casual user will just use the simple IPB mode and be perfectly happy with it. (Again, speaking only for HD and 4K modes here as nothing else besides Canon's software can even properly read its 8K yet)
just use mpv and you can already play 8k h265 video for free (free as freedom as it is open source) your computer needs to be powerful enough though, also vlc (another open source sw) can play 8k HDR h265 , so no problem at all to read the "standard" h265 encoded videos.


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Jan 28, 2015
The Ozarks
I don't think this will be priced above what the 5D IV was at its release date. The specifications are great, but cell phones have been doing 4k 120fps for years now. Compared to a lowly cellphone Canon is playing catch up on specs. Plus, look at the camera body, it is very similar to the R. Doubling the price on it seems like wishful thinking without going to a fully new camera body. And of course this isn't a 1 series body so it won't be anywhere near that price. Finally, there is a mirrorless discount to consider. Canon is already leveraging the reduced costs of mirrorless bodies with the R and RP, I expect that to continue. All this tells me the price will be right around $3,000.
Call me when cell phones are doing it with a full frame sensor. :rolleyes:
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Sep 4, 2018
My mind is already blown away by the last spec confirmations, nothing of it is left anymore. Looks like Canon gives all those Sony trolls on DPReview a rough ride now. Guess they now have to pest Nikon threads there...
Don't worry they are still hating on Canon


Jan 30, 2020
Well.... so they told plenty about video capabilities, but basically nothing about still photos... strange...

Also I'm curious to know if HD-video goes beyond 120fps while DPAF. And naturally price would be nice to know.

So really they didn't tell anything we didn't know yet, just confirmed what we knew.
Well, this announcement was made specifically for the cinema crowd, not stills crowd so they are highlighting video capability only today.
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Aug 15, 2014
Mandeville, LA
Like I have been saying for months..the Panasonic S1H is priced at $4K, this has better specs than the S1H, no way this will be less than $3999.00.
It's not a simple question of "better" Regardless of video, the R5 will outsell the Panny by orders of magnitude because of the massive Canon user base. This is still built to be a 5 series body, which means wedding professionals and portrait artists, wildelifers, landscapers, etc.... The Panny S1H has a single, much smaller user base. Video.

In other words, Canon is pricing this machine to fit into a WELL established price range like all the other 5 bodies in the last 10 years. Because they will sell boat loads more, they can amortize those fixed costs of R&D over a much much much larger sales volume compared to the S1H. Canon is out for blood folks.

They just made THE camera that I can easily argue will greatly satisfy both stills people AND video people. Why price it $4500-5000 and cut your sales by more than the increase in price would afford? They won't. They are looking to take out Sony and Nikon and end whatever chance Panasonic still had left. The money is in the GLASS. And Canon wants as many folks investing in the RF mount bodies in order to push the high margin lenses
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Dec 7, 2012
Sure hope the dynamic range and low light performance of the new sensor are as impressive as the other announced specs.
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Sep 17, 2018
Whoa. Given the specs, no way this will be under $4000. $5000 would even be a steal. I have a feeling everyone who is hoping this will be in the $3,500 range will be massively disappointed and then throw Canon hating tantrums saying it's too expensive and Canon sucks. People are already shitting on 8k saying it's unnecessary. IF, and only if, this is under $4000, Canon will seriously rock the industry like a 9.0 earthquake! If i had to guess, this will be $4,500-$5,000. Just a guess. I hope I'm wrong.
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Feb 4, 2020
$4,999 USD... if we are lucky!

After this recent interview where Canon said that the R5 is indeed the mirrorless equivalent of the 5D series, I believe it will be priced like that i.e. MSRP of 5DIV market intro plus 200-400 adjustment.
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May 29, 2019
If the IBIS works cooperatively with IS in EF lenses, then the coming M cameras with IBIS should do the same. Very nice. I take an R5 and an M5 II/M1 please.
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Sep 8, 2010
I'd be willing to bet this will be a $6K camera. 8K video? the people capable of viewing it are very rare although it admittedly gives a ton of flexibility in post. I've delivered photos to hundreds of clients and printed as large as they've ever requested with my 5DIII & my Fuji X-T2. My days of a $20K kit when you add great glass and strobes is over. Canon will NOT price this body competitively, it's just not the way they do things. Love the specs, but would never spend that kind of money again on a body that will be equaled or bested by competitors in 2 years or less. I'll just live vicariously through those that have the disposable income for this camera.
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Aug 26, 2015
I wonder how much money it would save if they split the line. One camera without video capability and one with. With all the Canon DSLR’s I have owned, I have never once taken a video. I would love to save some money and buy a R5 without the video capabilities. I guess that will never happen. R&D probably costs the bulk, and they would use me to pay for that even though I don’t use it. Still, would be nice.
It makes no sense at all, only the Leica M cameras ignore that, even their SL2 is focused heavily on video features, every other manufacturer will take it into consideration.
Ever since the 1DC came out 7 years ago, it was clear that their vision was to combine stills and video and they are sticking to this formula wholeheartedly (alongside other manufacturers of course)

In fact, they need every feature they can embed to convince people to upgrade (And to make it relevant for at least its 4 year product life cycle), since cameras has gotten better and better it is harder to convince people to upgrade (for instance, the improvement in high ISO hasn't seen a huge increase in the last years).


Oct 19, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
If this camera is water sealed.... It could prompt those who were 1DXIII bound to take a look. Looking at DR, shadow recovery, focus speed, ISO noise.... This could be enough to get people to consider investing in new RF Glass.
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Jun 21, 2014
I would not be surprised to see the R5 launched at $2,999 as long as Canon can do it profitably. The R5 shows Canon's playbook has changed. Sure, they could launch at $4,999 and provide a nice pricing umbrella for competitors As they have done in the past. At $2,999, Canon could just suck all the oxygen out of the market, drive big volumes to reduce cost, and exponentially drive up highly profitable RF lens sales. I think the Canon elephant is learning to dance. Look out.