Canon Announces That The Powerful Professional Full-Frame EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera Is On Its Way


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Feb 3, 2013
My bet after this evening's reveal:
  • ~45-50 megapixels, I lean towards 50 to add a slight step up from the R5. New sensor tech means it isn't just the same "old" 45 mp sensor from the R5.
  • 30 FPS electronic shutter with ability to flash sync
  • 12-14 fps mechanical shutter
  • 8K at 30 fps with better heat control due to larger heat sinks(not that this will ever be advertised, the development announcement didn't mention video once!)
  • LP-E20 or LP-E19NH battery pack with USB-C charging
  • Flip-out screen like the R5
  • IBIS
  • Dual CF Express Type B
  • Some sweet new EVF with higher-res, faster refresh rate, maybe even larger
  • $5500
Canon does call this higher than the R5, so I do think it's safe to say this camera will exceed the R5 in ways we just can't anticipate. But in order to exceed the R5, it also definitely needs to exceed the R6. Stacked sensor tech is nice, but it's still not a global shutter. I could have seen 24 megapixels getting by if it was a global shutter, but in a stacked sensor, I really do see this being on par or slightly higher than the R5.

Depending on the quality of the electronic shutter and the dynamic range/noise that the electronic shutter can pull off, I could actually see myself replacing my 1DX2 with this, if it is 45mp. I do really want to move over to the RF mount fully and sell my EF mount gear, so if the R3 can beat my 1DX2 and R5 in many ways while being "under" the 1DX3, it could get me to make that switch.
I reckon you won't be too far wrong, although I'm not sure about the flip out screen.

I feel like this is Canon saying, see that Sony A1 over there, we can (more than?) match that with our R3, never mind what our R1 flagship will do! (In saying that, I don't mean to sound like a Canon fanboy. In fact, for my own photography needs/wants the Sony system (thanks in no small part to Sigma, Tamron and Samyang lenses available for it) seems to offer more good options for gear and much better value, so I don't mean to sound dismissive of Sony. However, it has to be said Canon does seem to be releasing a lot of excellent - albeit very expensive (at least in Australia!) - high end gear.)


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Sep 2, 2018
Kentucky, USA
It's *great* to have a BSI stacked design - finally!
Also great to have eye tracking AF (I assume it will work fine)!

My main questions now are:
* Is there a fully articulating screen? (this is a *must* for me, personally)
* Is the back LCD bigger? (I'd really like this since the back has more area than the R5)
* Is there any (add-on) quick-connect ability to a tripod or monopod? (I guess I could tolerate the lack of this)
* (or course) What is the MP count? (I expect it to be 45MP or higher)

I was really hoping for QP (more than any other feature), but I hope the next high end body will have it.
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May 30, 2019
If I was still shooting Canon I would be looking around for what I can sell, checking the seat cushions for spare change and looking for a second job. This would be my Camera. Other than that eye focus thing. That I hope can be disabled it is a gimmick that this camera does not need. The rest of the camera will sell it. Of course what sensor size, I know that is a big question. It will be at a minimum 21-24, which is totally fine for me. Sure those R5 50MP files look sweet, but I never complained about my current 24MP files. I know one day I will be back to Canon, it was my first camera and I have had several since. Canon is on a roll now with their current bodies.


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Jul 20, 2010
The original EOS 3 was a showcase of Canon tech at the time, eclipsing everything on the market - even the then top of line pro EOS 1n, until the EOS 1v came out. It was such an amazing camera for its time, with unmatched price/performance, that fans were constantly drooling waiting for a fantasy EOS 3D or D3 to be announced almost from the day Canon started going digital.

I think it is safe to say the EOS R3 will serve the same role, and this is (finally) the camera they have been waiting for.

That said, once it finally hit, the EOS 1v (as the "true" pro in the line) stomped all over EOS 3 performance in every way (except inclusion of eye control), and I suspect we'll see the same once the 1-class R is released. At a premium price, of course. ;)


Jan 30, 2020
I would have bet money on canon not being ready to do a stacked CMOS (which by nature of how you stack a sensor, pretty much has to be BSI).
Canon skipped at least 2 steps there.

I was curious on the statement in the press release where it's simply a "canon designed sensor", however Canon UK states "The first EOS to feature an entirely new stacked BSI CMOS sensor designed and manufactured by Canon"

All I can say is .. well freaking done Canon.

And Sony's going .. ah crap, we thought we had them.

Also one thing that no one has mentioned is that with a much faster scan rate, Canon can also deliver much better AF performance. when you consider that you can argue that the R5 is already class-leading in terms of auto focus, and now you're going to make it even faster. Yikes.

One thing about it - is that if Canon can do stacked CMOS sensors, then I'd say it's a very very great possibility that the R1 is going to be global shutter. There's absolutely no reason it wouldn't be.
I am not surprised with the stacked sensor - Canon has been filing patents for this tech for some time. Petapixel showed one of these patents back in January.
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Aug 7, 2018
Canon will also start a "Mobile File Transfer" app together with the R3 that can transfer files via the cellphone. That app will not be free though. I wonder how much it will cost. Somethng like that should be included if you buy such an expensive camera. Also it will only be available for iOS in the beginning. A strange move from a Japanese company.
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Jul 11, 2018
Unfortunately, the eye-tracking mode doesn't really work if you wear glasses, at least with my copy of an EOS 3. The EOS 3 had a lot of pro features in a smaller body, back then. Since the R3 has a big pro body, it is no real heir of the old "3" series. Well, people don't care about the revival of product lines that faded out nearly 20 years ago...

The old EOS-3 was similar in size to the EOS-1; built in vertical grips wasn't a thing back then, only the Nikon F5 had it. Just a few millimeters and about 100g between them. So this is actually the second revival of the 3-series. The first revival of the 3-series happened with the 5D mkIII as it got the top-level AF system (and the 6D then filled the "enthusiast FF" hole left by the 5D mkII), they just couldn't release a camera named "3D" without it actually doing 3D.

If they get eye-controlled AF to work well, this will be a killer camera (it will be killer without the ECAF as well and for those who don't get ECAF to work it can just be deactivated). I want one. Unfortunately, I already know I can't justify buying a new one. The R5 is about $6k here and the R3 will probably be around the $8k mark, like the Sony A1. Guess the 1D replacement will be around the $10k mark.
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Feb 9, 2015
I'm impressed how under wraps the R3 has been until this announcement. R5 was leaking way more before its development announcement.


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Mar 30, 2021
Is it just me or more and more people would like to buy a flagship camera if it's not this huge body? Everyone seems to like the A1 for it's smaller size so Canon could make one camera like this. At least for "marketing" purposes.
Are you personally in need of more than the 20 frames per second that the R5 provides?
What are people shooting at 30 frames per second? Birds? Sports? Whatever it is is there’s a good chance that it requires a big ass long and heavy lens, thus a bigger grip with vertical controls built in.


It's not the gear. But it helps.
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Apr 18, 2013
Colorado, USA
Intrigued. Have used 6D/1DXII combo for years now. Had been waiting for R1 to decide between R5 and it to go with my R6. The decision just got more interesting. Hope R3 is the middle ground I’d been looking for.


Oct 6, 2019
Are you personally in need of more than the 20 frames per second that the R5 provides?
What are people shooting at 30 frames per second? Birds? Sports? Whatever it is is there’s a good chance that it requires a big ass long and heavy lens, thus a bigger grip with vertical controls built in.
As I said in another comment. There’s a lot of people who buy what they want. Not what they need. And Sony probably understood that better than Canon.
You can see a lot of influencers being excited about the A1. It’s still a small camera but great on paper. They wouldn’t use anything like R3 or 1Dx. And other people tend to buy in brands that their favorite YouTuber uses. That’s why you can hear most young people talking about Sony rather than Canon. Maybe we don’t care about it but if canon doesn’t have enough money for R&D in ten years this may be part of it. But I can see that Canon is getting better with marketing.
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