Canon C200 & C200B YouTube Playlist

Ben Sparrow

I'm New Here
Jul 10, 2020

Before I purchased my Canon C200B, I extensively researched and watched most of the YouTube videos I could find about both versions of this camera. If you are in the midst of buying one of these yourself, here's a selection of my favorite most informative YouTube videos about both the Canon EOS C200 and the C200B that I hope will help you decide which one to get:

I was considering buying a Canon EOS R5 but after much research I decided to go with a C200B for basically the same amount of money ($100 more). I don't have any photography needs, so the C200B fits my YouTube channel needs. Following Rubidium's 10bit workflow was a big selling point for me (watch 'Canon C200: 422 10 bit Workflow').

I hope this helps other folks looking to buy their first cinema camera.

Cheers to your success!