Canon Digital Photo Professional Raw / DPP Express for iOS


Jul 31, 2018

Canon has ported a large chunk of its Digital Photo Professional (DPP) Raw processing software's feature set to mobile and launched the DPP Express app for Apple's iPad.

The new app works in conjunction with Canon's Camera Connect app and offers a wide range of processing functions for Canon .CR3 Raw files and JPEG images. Files can be viewed, adjusted and saved to the cloud, a computer or your camera - all wirelessly.
The app is compatible with newer iPads and iPad Pro models running iOS 11. For more information on compatibility and features have a look at the Canon website. You can download DPP Express from the iOS App Store.
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Apr 3, 2013
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Hi Folks.
So it currently supports, what 6 bodies? (A guess as I cannot find a list of bodies that use CR3.)
What about the rest of us, any idea if they (Canon) are going to increase support to CR2? I’m hoping based on their DPP4 support having eventually rolled out to cover almost all (300D?) cameras that they will port the CR2 as well.
I’d like the ability to adjust some images on my iPad with a decent free solution, don’t think I’d do enough to warrant paying for an app.

Cheers, Graham.


Jul 31, 2018
currently it seems to really only work - in conjunction with camera connect - with EOS M50 and EOS R.

CR2 looks pretty much "legacy" going forward. new cameras seem to all come with CR3.

if it again takes Canon many years to port CR3 plus legacy format support into one current version of DPP (for multiple OS platforms, desktop and mobile), i am not interested.

rather than a half-assed iOS/mobile version i would like to get an improved desktop version DPP, so i can finally kiss Adobe LR goodbye.

i only want 4 things in DPP:
1. full local adjustments (as good as in LR) at the least; good "auto- fill/spot healing" would be great too
2. keystone correction, auto and manual (as good as in LR) - cannot be difficult to code
3. face and "AI" subject recognition - running totally offline only on my own hardware (not on remote servers/cloud) - it is all i would ever need and use for my purposes in terms of "keywording/digital asset mgmt"
4. only one current version of DPP supporting any type of Canon RAW file from any Canon camera, current or legacy = CRW / CR /CR2 and CR3 plus any future ones if/when they add them.

i don't expect a "really right" DPP "for free" (covered in full in camera prices in reality) but would be willing to pay a reasonable price (= max 99) for a perpetual license of a truly "LR killing" DPP.

cannot understand why Canon and all other camera makers are not able to deliver good tools to handle raws from their cameras. Why on earth do they continue to "feed" f*cking Adobe? are they all getting "kickbacks" from adobe or what?
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