Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM


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Nov 2, 2013
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I've done a Youtube video reviewing some of the images I've taken with this lens. I've also linked to a flickr album of the Lightroom exports. I noticed that the adobe premiere export looked to reduce contrast vs the screen capture I did. I'm not sure if Youtube reverses this gamma/contrast issue. Since it is a video on color properties of the lens I'd want to ensure that colors are at least somewhat accurately represented for the viewer. I'd appreciate if you guys could have a look and let me know if the colors in the video match the colors of the images in the album.


p.s. Here are screenshot comparisons between
a) Screencast (Source) vs Adobe Premiere export:
b) Adobe Premiere export vs Lightroom screen:

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Aug 9, 2018
Class A - you buy a 1.4 lens, you should expect reliable results AT 1.4. The sigma just doesn't offer that reliability to the same frequency as does the Canon.

yes ...completely agree
I had 35L mk 1, and then sigma ..loved em both...each an improvement over the previous..

now my 35L mk 2 is as good as any of the best Canon lenses... imo

the bokeh is demonstrated above....
nice shots....

the lens is so good and 35mm being my fav angle...
I dont want to take it off the camera..

I wish I had a 5DmkIII that had the spotmeter linked to focus, exp comp in manual , and LIGHTED focus points in servo....and a few more features..
if so...... then I would have a smaller footprint.... if I had that.. I would superglue the 35L II to the body
and call it a perfect system...

the 1dx2 is wonderful... but bulges in my jeans pocket ...a little bit....ha

AND to stir-up old wounds again..
the 135 f2 mk II I.S. with ~1.5 feet min focus distance....
would be quite nice to pair with the 35L II

for now I'll add my 14L II.... making ..... 14mm, 35mm and 135mm a near-complete system
I would be willing to give up f2.8 ... for f4
maybe use an 11-24 Canon or 12 24 Sigma replace the 14mm ..

my point is...
they NOW all have to rise to the 35L II standards....I am spoiled!!
You just said it: if you own one excellent lens, it's hard to accept lesser results.
This makes Canon very happy (my own expensive experience...)