Canon EF to Sony NEX Adaptor with Electronic Aperture Control


Aug 2, 2011
mkln said:
yes, it is aperture only, but apparently it powers the MF motor of the 85 II.
the 85 doesnt have mechanical MF, it needs electricity.

btw I tried my $20 EF adaptor (I use it for a nikon lens, long story) with the 85
and... well let's say that I may change my mind... the 85 dwarfs the camera and the adapter looks kinda ugly. here are some pics.
the nex may be amazing but it probably wouldnt feel right to walk with nex+85L. I'll stick to vintage lenses.

The EF lenses I use on a small m43 body (GF2) are the 35mm f/2, the 50mm f/1.4 and the 135mm f/2. The 35 and 50 look quite proportional (the 50 is a nice portrait lens on this body), the 135 looks big but at 270mm effective focal length, it's a supertele so I don't really expect it to look proportional.