Canon executives say a lot more coming in 2019

You're still not arguing for crank-starters, so literally all I hear in your post is "Yes Q, you're right." So, thank you.

Does using another large wrecker to pull start a 36-ton capacity heavy tow truck count? Been there and done that.

You can "hear" whatever you want, but that does not mean it is what I said.

I still maintain that there is a qualitative difference between some advancements - like AF, that allow one to take a higher percentage of well focused images - and other advancements - like using DR and post-processing to get close but not all the way there compared to shooting in better light to start with.

Oh, and I love to go through an 18-speed non-synchronized box while towing a 90,000 pound heavy hauler with a 35,000 pound hook. And yes, it does make me feel superior to all of those ants smart cars with automatic transmissions buzzing around.183942
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Did I say there was something wrong with the 5DIV?? That's exactly the point that it's still the best. All Canon mirrorless cameras released after 5DIV have DR worse than 5DIV. RP uses an old sensor, R uses the same sensor but has a slight decrease in DR. I won't be surprised if they dust 5DSr sensor, tweak it a bit and release a mirrorless high-res R version.

Yes you did, by stating you're waiting specifically for the next model and its DR performance, you can buy the 5D4 today you know. So yeah, clearly for you something is wrong with the 5D4 DR.

And what are you waiting for? is your photography going to be that much better with the next camera, I'm sorry you have to wait to take great photos.
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