Canon Germany Summer Promotion - May 1st until July 31st 2016


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Nov 7, 2013
Funny! Canon seems to be late with their promotions lately.

I already thought there wouldn't be a Summer Promotion this year because of all the other promos and because they didn't show anything on their HP until a few days ago. But here it is:
  • check out
  • buy May 1st until July 31st
  • register until August 31st
  • get up to 150 EUR cashback and up to 350 EUR deposit (whatever that means, couldn't find it in the terms and conditions)

Products included:
  • from EOS M3 and 100D (I thought that was discontinued) to all the EOs 5D units
  • a lot of PowerShots and Legiras
  • 430 EX III-RT and CS100
  • lenses from the two pancakes up to the f4 L zooms (w/o 17-40L)

Enjoy your GAS.