Canon Germany Winter Promotion 2016 - from Nov. 1st to Jan. 31st


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Nov 7, 2013
So finally on Nov. 4th the annual Winter Promotion has appeared on the German Canon Website.
This is ::) because it starts from Nov. 1st and lasts until to Jan. 31st. ;)

You can choose between up to 180€ cash back or up to 300 € credit/deposit for buying another product within that time.

For details look here:

There is still a "EOS plus X" promotion running in parallel until to Jan. 31st that looks more attractive to me, if you're looking for a new body plus lens.

Enjoy your GAS ;)

Something I recognize:
  • While Canon rises the (MRSP) prices the cash back/deposit value is getting lower and lower ???
  • There are fewer and fewer prime lenses included lenses :(