Canon Germany Winter Promotion 2020 - from Nov. 2nd to Jan. 17th


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Nov 7, 2013
It's winter GAS time again for Canon Germany:

Up to 300 € instant discounts.


  • duration from Nov. 2nd 2020 to Jan. 17th 2021.
  • instant discounts at specific retailers and trade partners
  • for cameras you can get up to 300,- € instant discount.
  • cameras included are 5D4, 6D2, R, RP and several PowerShots.
  • NOT included are R5 and R6 (not surprising).
  • lens included are some EF and RF, both zooms and primes.
  • some printers are included, too. NO speedlites.
And for those starting right away with body and lens there is still the "EOS plus X" promo running, also with R/RF system and R5/R6, see here:

During the last promos these two could be combined.

Enjoy your GAS.
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