Canon officially announces the Canon EOS M50 Mark II

EOS 4 Life

EOS M6 Mark II
Sep 20, 2020
At least Canon kept the price the same.
I was not expecting much at this price point but I was expecting them to remove the crop and have phase detect dual pixel autofocus in 4K.
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CR Pro
Dec 26, 2015
Turku, Finland
I'm really confused but are all the updates in software only? If that is so, will Canon update the M50 firmware as well? (I get they want a new version for marketing.)
No. That’s not how Canon rolls. This is not meant to be an upgrade for existing M50 users. Maybe for M100 users. But primarily this is just meant to new users who previously would have bought the M50.


Jan 26, 2017
All jokes aside, this camera is not going to excite the masses, but I'll bet it sells incredibly well. The most important feature is the price and the release date. I suspect the vast majority of potential buyers are just looking for something better than their cell phone, with interchangeable lenses, and not too expensive.

Speaking from my own limited experience, I've had plenty of friends and colleagues ask for guidance on buying their first interchangeable lens camera, and more often than not their budget is between $500 and $800, with a lens. I've tried to help them in making a decision by looking over prices of new cameras and there just isn't that much competition at that price point. Having this be a "new" camera in a reasonable price bracket will make attractive to first time buyers.

Sibir Lupus

EOS M6 Mark II + EOS M10
Feb 4, 2015
Couldn't they build a really great backiluminated 24MP APS-C sensor into a pro-like R body? with dualcard slot + 14+ FPS mechanically. 3-5MP EVF with 120Hz. tilting screen, animal eye detection etc...
You're asking for the rumored M7/M5 Mark II. The M50 Mark II was never going to overshoot the M5 and M6 Mark II at its $599 price point, and I'm not really sure why so many here somehow thought it would.

Sibir Lupus

EOS M6 Mark II + EOS M10
Feb 4, 2015
So it's POSSIBLE the earlier rumored specs were partially right for an M5 Mk II, instead of the M50. :unsure:
Yes, those specs are most likely for the still rumored M7/M5 Mark II. The old rumors mentioned both new EOS-M bodies would launch this year. But seeing how the market is after the pandemic, it may have pushed the other one into early next year.


Feb 26, 2018
A whole lot of people complaining that the base model isn't a Ferrari? Hmmm...
I have a feeling that it's the same people who in the not-so-distant-past kept shitting on the Rebel line (where not even the double digit models were worthy of their consideration) are exactly the same ones who just don't seem to get the product differentiation of the M series and keep moaning about how the entry model isn't pro enough for them. Just as an EOS 4000D wouldn't feature (m)any more advanced features than the 90D so the M50 II was never going to be light-years ahead of the M6 II. It needn't even be a lot "better" than the much older M5. (Also look at the incremental updates of the 250D, and the 850D. But yeah, Canon is doomed. And so is mankind.