Canon officially announces the Canon EOS Ra astrophotography camera

Introducing the EOS Ra Camera with Specialized Filtration that Delivers Four Times Greater Hydrogen-alpha Wavelength (656.3 nm) Transmittance Compared to the EOS R
MELVILLE, N.Y., November 5, 2019 — In the words of poet Quintus Ennius, “No one regards what is before his or her feet; we all gaze at the stars.” Helping to gaze and capture the beauty of the stars and beyond, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the company’s first full-frame mirrorless camera for astrophotography, the EOS Ra. This new camera was built off the EOS R system combining new features, such as four times greater transmittance of hydrogen-alpha (Hα) light of 656.3 nm compared to the original EOS R. For astrophotographers and hobbyists who enjoy capturing the detailed splendor of the night sky, the new EOS Ra will be an ideal camera to shoot with.
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“Since the introduction of the EOS R...

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Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
Just like the R.

Thanks for the link. We read so many comments from people saying the "R" is not a professional camera because it doesn't have this or that. This test pretty much demolishes anyone claiming that it's not sufficiently weather-sealed to be called "professional" (whatever that may be).
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CR Pro
Jul 14, 2018
So this is a good use of Canon's development resources but a dedicated mirrorless body for Video is too much of a "niche" product. :rolleyes:
Actually its an absolute minimal use of development resources - most of which I'm sure remain focused on the multiple FF bodies confidently expected to be seen in 2020.
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Jul 17, 2019
This is what I’m referring to, some of us live in humid climate and take our camera out on clear days in winter. For a 2500 dollar camera what’s a few 5 cent gaskets in their bodies. IMHO

Don’t get me wrong I love what direction canon is heading with mirrorless and both the RF and M line.
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