Canon officially announces the EOS M200

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Jul 20, 2010
MELVILLE, N.Y., September 25, 2019 – Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or revel in documenting everyday moments, memories should be captured and easily shared. Offering social media enthusiast high image quality, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, introduces the EOS M200 camera. Great for those with wanderlust in their hearts, this camera ushers in a variety of new features, such as vertical video1, for those looking to step up from smartphone photography and enter the realm of interchangeable-lens cameras.
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“Ease of use, convenience and shareability are imperatives for consumers today, especially when introducing new imaging products into an ever-changing market place,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “The new EOS M200 camera is a mix of tried and true Canon features as well as new ones, and combined they create...

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Aug 18, 2017
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In the target audience of this camera, there’s approximately a negative percentage of people who want or need a mic jack.

BUT...BUT.... all those vlogers who desperately wanted this camera and now will not buy it because Canon failed them again. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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Apr 24, 2019
all those vlogers who desperately wanted this camera and now will not buy it because Canon failed them again.

In all seriousness, most vloggers don't use mic jacks. YouTubers much prefer a volumn bar displayed on the screen rather than presenting themselves wearing a pair of headphones.

mic jacks are useful when they have dedicated "camera man", but honestly if vlogger can afford a camera man, they probably wouldn't be using this camera.
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Jul 12, 2013
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The snarky nature of many of the responses here is quite illuminating...although perhaps not in the way that the posters intended. ;)

Clicking on the sponsor link (Adorama) reveals a $549.00 price for the 200/15-45 package.

This is an incredible value for a well-specced, almost tiny camera that, when used properly, can generate travel, family and vacation images and videos with quality far far superior to at least 95% what this summer's photographers feel are acceptable (dare I say 99%?).

550 bucks!

This is an incredible, incredible value...and Canon is going to sell thousands of these.

I check canonrumors every day, in part for the hilarity of some of the posts.

Thanks for reading.
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Jul 20, 2010
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...This is an incredible, incredible value...

Is it though? I mean, you can get a SL3 and lens for a hundred dollars more. Similar specs and it comes with a viewfinder and EF lens compatibility without an adapter. Not saying this isn't a nice little camera, just that it might not warrant two full "incredibles." Different bodies for different users I guess.
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