Canon Patent Application: Fast Focusing Prime lenses

Richard CR

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Dec 27, 2017
In this patent application, Japan Patent Application 2023-120952 Canon discusses developing lenses for video, surveillance, and stills photography that have very quick autofocus. The method they use for this is reducing the weight of the focus group to allow for quicker focus. There are a few embodiments that look cool – but the back-focus distance

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The 24/1.4 example fills the image circle (as do the others). Most of the recent wide angle lens patents that have become products do not. That makes me think this more about technology than actual lenses.
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Personally I'm more curious about a patent application mentioning (APS-C?) designs for 10-21mm f/2-2.8 and 11-28mm f/2-2.8 wideangle zooms, though I'm not sure they are meant for consumer RF mount cameras (Richard?):

If it is an APS-C design, the 10-21mm would be an interesting option for me (the other wouldn't be wide enough to replace my current EF-S wideangle zoom).
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