Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Images and Specifications

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Jul 20, 2010
The Canon PowerShot SX70 HS images and specifications have leaked ahead of the official announcement. This PowerShot has been a long time coming for fans of Canon’s superzooms such as the PowerShot SX60 HS.
Canon PowerShot SX 70 HS Specifications

21mp 1 / 2.3 sensor
65x optical zoom
4K video
Wi-Fi · Bluetooth
Size: 127.1 × 90.9 × 116.6 mm
Weight: 610 g





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4 years... almost 1500 days since the SX60 announcement, yet no change to the optics?

I suspect the sensor will be somewhat improved and if the additional 5MP resonates in terms of quality - and DIGIC 8 will be a welcome improvement, but this is a conservative announcement even by Canon's standards.

I note the inclusion of a barrel-mounted zoom control (in addition to one around the shutter button). Otherwise, they have relocated some buttons (sensible move for the video recording button) and the grip looks a little more substantial.

The SX60 stopped being my emergency spare when the G3x was released, but I will await the G3X MkII, rather than a slightly tweaked SX60!
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I wonder if it wise upping the mpx to 21? I had the 12 mpx SX50 HS and liked it very much. I tried the SX60 HS but found that despite other improvements, the increase to 16 mpx didn't improve the images. Olympus has stuck with 12 mpx for its TG-5, which has been applauded by reviewers, and its fast lens has less DLA issues than the slower SX70 HS.
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This is a spec sheet update. More MPx is fantastic news for the user without physical understanding.

I wrote before, that this style of system is diffraction limited towards the long end (and IS limited in practical use) so more MPx is almost useless. almost, because the resolution converges towards the diffraction limit when the sensor resolutions goes towards infinity and the lens tends to be perfect.
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And wouldn't sell in quantity either. People in the main buy the superzooms as an all purpose camera and use it for a range of distances.

My Kayak has three hatches.... a big sealed hatch in the front, a big sealed hatch in the rear, and a little sealed hatch just in front of me that is just big enough to fit a SX-50... Because of the lens changing problem (one hand on paddle, one hand on Camera, one hand on lens..... followed by a splash and crying) I do not take my DSLR with me.... A superzoom gives me lots of range, in a small size, and if disaster strikes and it gets ruined it does not cause financial hardship...
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I'm interested to see whether the inclusion of digic8 has an appreciable effect on IQ, and how the new (and worryingly high mp) sensor holds up - ie I'll wait for proper reviews. I have an interest in this sort of camera as an alternative to an expensive long set-up that I can't justify assembling for occasional use - but it needs to have decent IQ over (at least most of) that long range.
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