Canon R6 Hdmi Monitor Output

Jul 21, 2022
Hi all. I'll buy Canon R6 but just read some hdmi output problems (for me),wanna just ask to all and then buy. I'll use the camera for video shooting and need to do this setup; There'll be a director's monitor with hdmi connection and also i have to use the camera from camera's lcd and record it to camera sd card. I read some comments that when the camera send clean hdmi video to director's monitor, recording to sd card in camera but i cant see anything on camera lcd screen. Or using both lcd screen and the director's monitor same time (has an image with camera display) but no sd card record. Is it R6's feature or not? Thanks for read, i'll buy the camera after your replys.


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Jul 13, 2020
I own it and I don't have any HDMI issues it's probably people using older HDMI 1.4 which is not compatible with 4k/60. If your output to the monitor will be HD then any cable should work but in my testing some did and others did not work again this was for 4k/60 showing video on both monitors at the same time. I had it working using a Ninja V so it does work on both at the same time but you don't want that as it will help overheat the body.... There is jelly roll though... for video the auto focus is amazing.

However, it will be years until Canon will have a cheap full frame so whoever wrote that doesn't understand Canon's roadmap and the world supply of parts.

It's a pretty good camera but it takes some getting used to if you're coming from dslr at least it did for myself. As far as price increases, it is what it is...
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