Canon releases firmware v1.3.1 for the Canon EOS R6

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Jul 20, 2010
After pulling the firmware update v1.3.0 for the Canon EOS R6 due to a major bug, Canon has quickly made available a firmware update with a fix.
Canon EOS R6 Firmware v1.3.1

Firmware Version 1.3.1 incorporates the following fixes and enhancements:
Adds [IPB (Light)] to 4K to enable lower bit rate shooting.
Adds [Electronic full-time MF] to the AF tab of the menu. When a lens is attached, manual focus adjustment is always possible with both One-shot AF and Servo AF.
The transfer time (estimated value) now displays on the camera monitor during FTP transfer.
Fixes a phenomenon, in which in rare instances, the camera cannot function normally when the drive mode is set to “High-speed continuous shooting” to shoot still images continuously.
Fixes a phenomenon that may corrupt the image displayed in the viewfinder.
Fixes a phenomenon in which the power may become suspended when the camera is powered via...

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