Canon RF100-400 Leaked on Amazon @ $649.99

Apr 28, 2021
This appears to have leaked 2 days ago, but I did not see it here. I don't know about the veracity of the site but they seem to have good information complex with a pictures:

Note: all the links to Amazon in the article are no longer valid so it was taken down.

First few lines from the article:

Canon RF100-400mm F5.6-8 IS USM up for Pre-order on Amazon US​

Canon has launched RF100-400mm F5.6-8 IS USM lens for their EOS R Series cameras in the US. It has a launch price tag of $649.99. This RF lens is now available to pre-order online from Amazon US. This item will be released on September 14, 2021. Check here for the current pricing and availability.


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