Canon to introduce two 8K Cinema EOS cameras in 2021 [CR2]

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Jul 20, 2010
Canon first teased an 8K Cinema EOS camera back in 2015 at the Canon EXPO, we’ve also seen some other sightings at various tradeshows over the years. Now that we have 8K capability in the Canon EOS R5, the next step for Canon will be to introduce a Cinema EOS camera with 8K capture.

I have been told that Canon will introduce not one, but two 8K Cinema EOS cameras in 2021. One of the cameras will be a flagship camera with “A camera” aspirations, likely in the form factor of the Canon Cinema EOS C700.

The second one I have been told will be a more modular camera in the same vein as the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III and Cinema EOS C500 Mark II. Where it exactly fits into the Cinema EOS ecosystem is unknown at this time.

I don’t expect an announcement until around the NAB 2021 timeframe, which usually...

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Canon is on quite a large product "offensive"....

2 new Rx cameras with surely a high MP version within 12 months
R1 good chance for for the Olympic Games in 2021
New Cinema R cameras
New Cinema EOS cameras
Possible 1 or 2 M bodies
RF lenses

It seems that they've been doing a lot of design / development for the past 3 years (maybe longer) to create a step up in capabilities which is now all coming to fruition - which is damned good news for everyone...
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