Canon's new AR headset - an indicator for future EVF advances?


CR Pro
Jul 16, 2017
Hamburg, Germany
I haven't seen this mentioned in this site yet, but apparently Canon has just revealed some info about an upcoming AR headset in development:

The noteworthy things to me are that

a) it uses global shutter CMOS sensors
b) Despite the predecessor being a niche product, Canon either sees enough potential or has sufficient interest in pursuing the technology to come out with this newer one

I'm wondering if the technology at play in a device like this could overlap sufficiently with upcoming EVF to help Canon offset some development costs that otherwise would have to be spread solely over the mirrorless cameras.

If the price is similar to the over 80k predecessor though, it might also be completely different tech, or it is entirely sourced from other manufacturers. I just found this interesting. Busy times for Canon.
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