Counting down my five favorite Canon digital cameras ever. Coming in at #4…..

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Canon EOS 40D
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Jul 20, 2010
….. The Canon EOS 5D
Another revolution digital camera from Canon came in the form of the Canon EOS 5D. This was the first “affordable” full-frame camera. The only other full-frame Canon DSLR at this time was the Canon EOS-1Ds and Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II.
The Canon EOS 5D launched in 2005 for $3299usd, which was more than half as much as the launch price of the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II ($7999usd).
I never owned a Canon EOS 5D, but I did borrow one most weekends from the photography store I once worked at. It was my first experience with “full-frame”, film or digital. I loved the bigger viewfinder and how truly wide 17mm was when shooting with the EF 17-40mm f/4L USM, which lead me to purchase an EF-S 10-22mm f/ USM for my APS-C main camera.
Canon EOS 5D Specifications:

12.8mp Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
ISO 100 – 1600
9 Autofocus Points
12bit RAW
DIGIC II Processor
CF Card Slot
Launched in 2005
Launch price: $3299usd


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Mar 25, 2011
I bought a used Canon 5D and then a 24-70mm L which was new. It was so much heavier than my original 300D that I kept drooping that lens toward the ground. I had bought the camera used locally for a very reasonable price, so I returned the lens and sold the camera for enough to cover my costs.

I just was not ready for a full frame camera or the weight.

Later on, I bought a photographers complete camera system, 5D plus "L" lenses, multiple flashes and accessories, this time, I kept the camera and used it until I bought a 5D MK II. About that time, I started using RAW and photoshop.
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I still have mine, it serves my 5D3 well as a backup camera really well. I took great shots with it, the quality still looks good today. The only issue I've ever had with it was sensor dust and smear, due to the lack of sensor shake and advanced coating it is a pain to regularly clean (the 5D3 is pitch perfect in that regard). But it still is an awesome camera.
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Yes, 5D was a true revolution. Finally "affordable" FF. Those were the days when Canon was well in the lead - not only in sales but also in technology. Nikon could not even spell "fullframe" in 2005. Back then they constantly repeated their mantra like a tibetian prayer mill ... "FF is not needed", "we will stay with APS-C". DX, DX, DX, ts, ts, ts. :)

Sony? Good laugh! It was still Konica Minolta launching their (crop) Maxxum 5D a month before EOS 5D. :ROFLMAO:

#4 on my personal list is EOS 40D
#5 is EOS 350D
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Nov 3, 2012
First proper digital camera was a 300D, which I freed up many hidden aspects with the Russian hack. Was probably my most important camera. After a 20D I bought a 5D. This was a huge step up in image quality, but was a dust magnet- something I simply accepted at the time. Then the 5DII, which was probably my most disappointing camera- I just never got excited by it as I did with the 300D and 5D.
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It was a few weeks before the 5D was released that I learned about this website. I was active on the German DSLR-forum back then and there was much talk about an upcoming camera from Canon that was dubbed "Horst" for some - at least to me - unknown reasons. Many posts referred to CR so I started to read regulary.. (this account is much younger tho)

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I shot film until 2008 when my mother decided to take my wife and I to Germany. I decided it was time to shoot digitally since it was so much more economical than film. So in the Spring of 2008 we purchased (I convinced my wife I needed it actually) a Canon 5D. I had waited this long because I was wanting to transition from 35mm straight to full frame since I was heavily invested in Canon glass. Purchased it for $2500 ($3000 in today's dollars). Best choice I ever made. I have since moved on to a 6D Mark II and had the 5D as backup. Last year I traded my 5D and a bunch of various 35mm bodies and a Canon M with 22mm lens in for a 70-200 f4L IS lens. I have a Canon RP w/ RF35mm f/1.8 from school (I teach digital media) that I use as a backup to the 6Dmk2 and will see what my next body will be. I own too much EF glass that I'm not read to go mirrorless... this very moment. Thinking of a 90D for wildlife photography. (BTW... I kinda miss the 5D now)
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Dec 17, 2013
The 5D was never on my radar, I was using a 300D and EOS 3 when it came out. It wasn't until the Mk2 that I started to enjoy the phenomenon of GAS. However there was a HUGE gulf between what I had, and the many models in between. How to inch my way up the ladder of specs and price points was pretty daunting. I truly wish I knew the value of the buy once cry once theory. I applied it to tripods for the most part but getting there with camera bodies was a harder lesson to learn.
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