Ditch high definition and new tech to fight climate change


The dark side - I've been there
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  • Nov 7, 2013
    ... I do get frustrated by generally well intentioned environmentalists who crow about progress in the USA, while never mentioning that in many cases, we have simply moved our mess to other places around the globe---out of sight, out of mind, no more problem--thus adding to the mass delusion that our world is not a single, fragile, self-contained ecosphere traveling around and around in space, but some kind of virtual reality that can be managed with politics and ideology. For too many, science is just another belief system, or its a set of tools for manipulating opinion to achieve power.
    Very well said, YuengLinger.
    Especially when one living in an evolved, post industrial county just replaces the "in the USA" by "in my country".
    Look who's talking. :cry:
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