DJI Mavic Pro II To Get 1" Sensor

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Jul 20, 2010
The rumors are picking up steam for DJI’s Mavic Pro II, and from what we see, the biggest upgrade will be a 1″ image sensor, which would go a long way in making the drone a better stills tool.</p>
<p>Rumored Specifications:</p>
<li>1″ CMOS sensor with 28mm lens</li>
<li>4820 mAh battery with 35 minute flight time</li>
<li>binocular rear sensors</li>
<p>It’s<a href=""> also rumored that production has started</a> on the new drone and we can expect to see an announcement some time in March.</p>
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Jan 29, 2011
Talley said:
I just got the Mavic Air. It's size is perfect and all it's features are awesome. Just the tool I was needing. However I will put it up for sale when the Mavic Pro 2 is released and it has the low noise props and 1" sensor.

I'll deal with the larger body. The MP2 will be perfect.

I'd take the added size for the improvements that gives stability plus the 35 mins flight time, if it is accurate, would be a boon for multiple passes.

Looks like I'll hold off on the Air purchase until the Pro II announcement, haven't finished the Part 107 yet anyway...

Before the Air was announced the Mavic Pro was the obvious choice for me, so waiting to see what happens with the MkII is an easy decision. It looks like DJI don't care about product disruption in their rush to bring genuinely new features to market, a much easier thing to do in a young market where innovation till has a lot to offer.
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Jan 29, 2011
SlydeR said:
I've been on the fence for a while with buying a drone and only recently saw the shocking differences between the image quality of the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro. Would be great to get the better camera in a smaller package.

B&H have a very good deal on the Phantom 4 today until stocks last.
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