Do you have an RRS L-bracket for the R5 or R6 pre-ordered?


CR Pro
Sep 13, 2012
After two weeks with the Really Right Stuff L-bracket on the R6, I am EXTREMELY happy I bought it! It just feels great when holding the camera, so great I forget it's attached. Solid, simple, perfect for outdoors or studio. And from experience, I know it protects the bottom finish of the camera for resale value later.

I’m glad you found peace! How do you like the screen movement?


CR Pro
Dec 20, 2012
I’m glad you found peace! How do you like the screen movement?
I've spent some time paying more attention to the screen movement. For me, whether on a tripod or kneeling at an odd angle, while there are a few minor restrictions to perfect positioning, the screen movement is fine in about 90% of cases. (And I like how the tips at the gap for the screen are beveled better than on the Kirk.)

But that is for stills. For video, I don't have much experience, though I did use the flippy screen to take some video of how lens IS components shift about. I placed the camera on a tripod, pointing down, and I had to come around to the front of the setup to hold and move the subject. I was able to move the screen so it was very easy to watch as the video recorded.

Sorry, but that L-plate you showed is way more complicated than I want full-time on my camera for stills, and I'd rather have a little restriction of the flip screen than any restriction around the lens barrel. (But I do like the option to protect the ports!)

Truly, the ergonomics of the R5/R6 L-plate make it a great choice for those who want to mount it and forget it. "Elegant" is the single word I go with.