Does Canon ET-101 Lens Hood for RF 800mm f/11 fit over 95mm filter?


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Aug 16, 2012
I just bought on Amazon a look-alike copy of the ET-101 hood (a JJC LH-101) for the RF 800mm f/11. At present, I have a Marumi 95mm filter on the lens to protect it in the absence of a hood. The knock-off filter doesn't fit over the filter. Does the original lens hood fit over such a filter? The diameter of the lens casing looks pretty slim and maybe it is a problem of the knurled ring of this particular filter being on the large side - I have used it with no problems on other 95mm filter lenses, and it doesn't affect IQ, though I tend not to use filters on telephotos and prefer just a lens hood.


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Apr 18, 2013
Colorado, USA
I picked up the JJC hood version as well. Still waiting for the Canon version I ordered back in February. The JJC hood fits easily over my B+W 95mm CPL. The companion B+W UV Haze filter is probably still on the Tamron 150-600 I loaned out to a friend so I wasn't able to test it but I'm sure it would work.

I typically don't use protection filters much these days. I'm pretty careful and have never damaged a lens/filter by drops, etc. in 40+ years of photography, but it may happen some day. I use functional filters like CPLs and NDs, and clear filters in inclement weather for weather sealing purposes. I do put protection filters on the lenses that I loan out.
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